About Our Company

We are a team of experienced and qualified professionals with fresh and innovative ideas for taking your organization to a completely new level.

Our team consists of experts from varied field ranging from Engineering, Management, Mental Morale and Social Sciences, Medical, Biotechnology, Finance, IT and Healthcare having experience ranging from couple of years to three decades!

We at PrimaBiz Services continuously work towards finding new, creative and innovative techniques of doing the things differently which form the base to create EXCELLENCE IN YOUR BUSINESS.

We are open to new ideas and thoughts and truly believe in continuous learning and evolving. We believe in the idea of Mutual growth and development through constantly optimizing the way we work and removing the errors which surface.

Our Logo

Our company logo exhibits our belief in human centric processes and methods by giving a technical approach for every solution. Everything we do is by the people and for the people.

PRIMA stands for Leading performer or most important role and BIZ is for Business so together we strive for Excellence in Business.

Blue colour in our logo represents loyalty, calmness and reliability. It also represents communication and gives the sense of calmness and relaxation.

Orange colour in our logo represents empowerment and energy. It also represents optimism and rejuvenates our spirit.

Our Operations Team

Mr. Rajiv Taneja
Chief Consultant(Business Excellence Division)
Management Professional with over 35 years of domestic and international experience at Senior Management Level in various fields of Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Marketing Strategy, Finance, Education & Corporate Training.
Dr. Vishakha Oke
Principal Consultant (Healthcare &Education Division)
Healthcare professional having domestic and international experience of more than a decade in various fields of Medicine, Education and Wellness Industry.
Mr. Parag Pande
Principal Consultant (Talent Acquisition and Development)
HR Professional of over 22 years of experience in all the sub domains of HR including Statutory compliance, Labour Compliance, Recruitment, Payroll, Industrial Relations and HR Development.
Mr. Rohit Sanjeev Oke
Principal Consultant and Managing Director
Engineering and Management Professional with over 10 years of domestic and international experience in various domains like IT, Manufacturing, Automobile and Human Resource Development. Business Excellence Coach and International Consultant.
Mr. Gaurav Chaudhary
Principal Consultant (Foreign Education Division)
Education and career expert having more than 15 years of experience in field of education abroad, students counselling for education abroad and competitive exam coaching.

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  • EmailID: contactus@primabiz.co.in

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